Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Night Magic

Dubai offers a few spectacular night time views. These would include any skyline perspectives which feature the 162-story Burj Khalifa or Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR), with its streaming cars and the Dubai metro cutting through its canyon of towers.

Marina Heights Tower
(manual zoom with open shutter)

The outline of the Palm Jumeirah from a high enough vantage point would also be spectacular, as well as views over Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers, as seen in these photos.

JLT left of SZR, Dubai Marina right
w/Marina Heights in the foreground

And that is why I chose a pad in Dubai Marina, on the highest floor I could afford. A penthouse was not in the budget, but in the 63-story MAG 218 tower all 55 floors with apartment units were typical. All were identical with one and two-bed units. It made the perfect choice for a high floor flat at a reasonable price.

SZR and Dubai Marina's iconic Phase One towers

They cleaned the windows today! Not spidermen, but guys who ride down the sides of towers in cradles on pulleys. I think I know one of the window washers, so I don't mind too much when I open my eyes and see someone peering through my window at 63 floors up.

Who needs window shades?

What an amazing job to have. They get to take in all the spectacular views. But I am sure they don't get paid much here in the UAE, despite the risks. Cradles do fall on occasion and it has got to be really hot riding down the south face of a tower on a hot Dubai summer's day. The one washer I know is Nepali, so I guess the heights, at least, are no worry.

Eid Mubarak!

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